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[edit] This site is under construction

[edit] It will contain public information about COST Action IS1103, "Adapting European health services to diversity" (ADAPT).

If you wish to access the members' website that was previously hosted at this address, or if you require further information about the Action, please send an e-mail to j.d.ingleby [at]

[edit] Brief list of ADAPT topics

The basic research tasks are:

  1. Reviewing policies and their implementation in each country.
  2. Investigating the sources of variation in policies and practices.
  3. Identifying and strengthening ‘levers for change’.

  • Task 1 comprises mainly the 'Big Picture' project, which included development and implementation of the MIPEX Health Strand. The empirical results are available on the MIPEX website.
  • Task 2 involves analyses of these data, which are currently under way,
  • Task 3 has 10 sub-projects:

SP1. Strengthening the evidence base

SP2. Strategies for organisational change

SP3. Public health principles and professional standards

SP4. Human rights and legal instruments

SP5. General policies on migration and diversity

SP6. Economic arguments

SP7. Socio-economic inequalities

SP8. User involvement

SP9. Health services for undocumented migrants

SP10. Health of Roma

Results of these sub-projects will be published here as soon as they are ready.